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1Sticky Guidelines When Posting A Question on Tue Apr 21, 2009 12:38 pm



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When posting a question, please bear in mind the following guidelines that will help not only you but also other players having the same problem.

1. Make your title clear. Having a good and clear topic title will not only benefit you but also other players. We can easily find what we are looking for if someone posted a clear title.

2. Make the content straight to the point. We don't really need "detours" or indirect contents of the problem, we can answer your questions fast if we read your questions and concerns easily.

3. Avoid bright-colored text in your post. Using yellow or other bright colors in your posts makes us, or at least me, "blind" honestly. I find it very hard to read, so if you don't want to make people "blind," and just ignore your post, avoid it. ^___^

4. Avoid large texts. Using large or even extra-large font size to stress your concerns doesn't really help.

5. Avoid all-caps. All caps can be annoying to someone. I am guilty of using "all-caps", and they don't liked it, XD. I learned my lesson, and I'm sharing you what I experienced. Don't use all-caps to "all-caps" fans. XD

6. Be calm. Putting exclamation points and/or angry smilies, doesn't help too. It will or may cause flame or something.

7. Do not post illegal words. Typing words such as [I'm not going to post them, lol] illegal/prohibited words can cause you negative money, negative karma, thread closed, thread deleted, thread shielded, account suspended, account banned, IP banned, etc. It doesn't make positive outcomes at all. So, Do not use them.

8. Avoid multiple posting. Double, triple, or #ple posting of your question can be annoying to anyone, this can result to sinking of other questions or concerns. It'll not help you at all.

Doing this steps and guidelines will not cause you harm. It will benefit you and all other players, so don't hesitate to follow this.

~!more guidelines to come, please stay tuned!


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