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1JavaScript Show/Hide Code on Sat Jul 09, 2011 2:07 am



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TUTORIAL: Show/Hide Code
If you want to have a show and hide button or text on an HTML page, follow this simple steps.

Add this code to an HTML page.
<a onclick="javascript:ShowHide('HiddenDiv_###')" href="javascript:;" >TRIGGER TITLE</a>
<div id="HiddenDiv_###" style="DISPLAY: none" >SHOWN WHEN THE TRIGGER HAS BEEN CLICKED</div>

<script language="JavaScript">function ShowHide(divId){if(document.getElementById(divId).style.display == 'none'){document.getElementById(divId).style.display='block';}else{document.getElementById(divId).style.display = 'none';}}</script>

Note: ### should be the same number for this code to work.

Demo: The Frequently Asked Questions

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